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What our pupils say about PE and Sports lessons at Spinney Hill

'Afterschool clubs are so much fun. I get to play with my friends and learn new skills as well as getting fit and healthy. Mr Bates and Mr. Smith plan so many fun games. My favourite sport is cricket.'

(Joshua, Year 3)


'I enjoy basketball and working as a team in PE. I enjoy swimming and have learned how to do backstroke. I am a lot more confident at swimming now.'

(Asma, Year 4)


'I like football at Spinney Hill, especially playing at New College. I am the team's goalkeeper. I also enjoy PE lessons. My favourite sport is tennis and Andy Murray is my hero.'

(Erik,Year 5)


'Change for Life Club is so much fun! We have been learning about healthy foods and how much exercise we should do each day and playing fun games.'

(Ragni, Year 4)


'My favourite sport is rugby. I enjoy playing against other schools. As a team, we have got better as the year has gone on and I have scored over twenty tries. We play really well as a team and it is a nice feeling when we win.'

(Mohammed, Year 6)