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Bees arrive at Spinney Hill 08-06-2021

On Tuesday we had a bee swarm visit us right at home time.  They swarmed around the playground on Orson Street causing a little confusion as we directed parents and children to different playgrounds to avoid them.  After about half an hour they began to gather on one of the perimeter walls of the playground and seemed to settle in the sunshine.  

Luckily, I (Mrs Westmoreland) knew someone who was a beekeeper and he came to our rescue. 

Andy (The beekeeper) told us that there was probably about 20,000 bees in the group on the wall and he thought we would be left with around 30 who would be returning from gathering food to find the group gone.  They were honey bees who have left their original group (colony) in search of a new place to live so Andy has taken them to put them in a new hive.  He has told us he will send us some pictures of them once they are settled.  

Watch the video to see what happened over the next couple of hours and see how brave Mr Wheeler was in helping Andy to collect most of the bees. 

As may of you have been asking about the bees I have also included some information sheets for you.  



Bees Compressed.m4v

Still image for this video
Watch to see how we managed to find someone to come and take the bees to their new home. We are looking forward to seeing pictures of them settled in their new home.