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PE: Keeping Active, Fit and Healthy!

Welcome to Spinney Hill's PE page


Hopefully this page will give you lots of fun activities that you and your families can try at home. 


It is very important to stay active, so below we have uploaded a number of videos that will hopefully give you some inpiration to start your day. These can be done at anytime of day but we feel that it is important to do a short workout first thing in the morning to set you up for the rest of the day. Fresh air is really important too so if you have access to outside space such as a front or back garden these are great places to do your work outside. Mr Pepper and Miss Magee will be putting up workouts in the Daily Workout tab if you want to follow along at home. 


Make sure that the area that you are doing your activity is safe, so make sure there is lots of space and that anything hard or sharpe has been removed. If you are doing it with others make sure only one does it at a time, so give the others jobs such as counter or timer. 


It is also very important to take regular brain breaks, so we will be looking to give ideas of fun games and challenges that you can do both alone and as a family. Mr Pepper and Miss Magee are both going to learn to juggle, this is something that we have never done before so this is a great way to learn togther and it would be fantastic if everyone takes part.


Also can you come up with your own workout and games? Have a think of activities that you have done at school, can you come up with a plan and do this with your family. 






Spinney Hill's Virtual Sports Day 2020


Although we cannot all physically be together this year that does not mean we can't have fun and still compete in our yearly sports day. We have created the Spinney Hill Virtual Sports Day for 2020 including 5 events that can be done either on your own or with family, and all can be completed in the home, garden or at the park. If you can create your own events too we would really like to hear your ideas. 


It would be fantastic if we could see photos or videos of you completing the events, which if your parents allow we would really like to put on the website. If you do want to send photos or videos please email them to


Calling all KS1 children if you are looking for a fun activity to do why not log on for free to the FUNKY FEET MUSIC facebook page and join in. The classes will be running live at 10am daily, but if you miss it you should be able to watch it on catch up. 



School Games Activie Championship

The children are welcome to join the School Games Active Championshiop for free at anytime.


How to get involved?


1. Download the TopYa! Active app fromfrom the App Store or Google Play

2. Create a player account

3 .When prompted to enter the Invite code 23880 and choose Primary School League. 



On Wednesday 22nd April 2020 at 10am take part in a nationwide event from the comfort of your very on home/garden. We are calling for all children to try and do as many or as few keepy up as you can. You can use any item that you want to do this a ball, sock, soft toy, toilet roll etc. 


Other ideas for you to try at home


For KS1 and Year 3 children try Go noodle - you will have to set up an account which is free or you can find the songs or yotube


9am every morning you can do PE with Jo Wicks live on You tube


Cosmic Yoga for kids on You tube - This has a few games you could try


Keep an eye on the tabs here we will be updating them all the time with ideas - If you have an ideas you would like to share please email them to

Hello everyone

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Pick 3 of the activities and do them for 20 seconds and then take a 20 second rest. If you are doing this with others one could time and one could do the activity and then you swap, or you may want to do the workout at the same time.

Things to think about

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1. How does your body feel before, during and after the workout? How did our body and feelings change?

2. What was your favourite exercise? And why was it you favourite?

3. How can eating lot of fresh fruit and vegtables and drinking plent of water help with our workouts?

Can you keep a diary for both our work out and our food and drink intake. Think about each acticity and give it an emoji of how it made you feel - Happy, excitied, strong, tired.

Rest time

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Remember your breathing is very important in your rest time to help you recover and get ready for the next activity.

Activity 1 - Heel Kicks

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A fun way to start, your aim is to kick yourself in the bottom with your heels. Good for warming up your hamstrings. Remember not to check your watch during the activity.

High Knees

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A favourite for sprinters such as Usain Bolt. Legs are going forward this time with an aim to get your knees up as high as possible using your arms for power and speed.

Star Jumps

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Great work out for the lower and upper body and a whole lot of fun. If you can only do your legs thats fine just keep practicing and you will get it.

Skipping with or without a rope

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One of the best fitness activities you can do. It is not important whether you have a rope or not you can just pretend. Be creative with it think of all the different ways you can move your feet.

Press up

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Do you want to be able to throw longer? Press ups are great for building shoulder and arm strength, whether you can do one or 100 you will improve quickly.


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A whole body exercise and the more of these you can get into your workout the better. Be prepared you will feel tired after them, however they are a fantastic exercise.

Mountain Climbers

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Great for strength and fitness, core muscles will really improve your posture helping you become a better sports person.


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Lets build those leg muscles. Keep your heads up guys.


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This is a really fun activity and if you have the space you can turn it into a funny lunge walk or a lunge race with the family.

Squat Thrust

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Great for the tummy, can you turn this one into a game or a race.

Shadow Boxing

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Lots and lots of fun, so many ways you can be creative and think of your own routine. Try to remember to keep your feet moving at all times and twist at the waist.