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Parental Feedback

Comments from families in relation to the school mission, vision and values


  • This is best for the whole community and school as well
  • I like that is gives choices to children about different ideas like what they want to write
  • I think this is a good thing
  • It’s a very good thing
  • It’s a very good idea and I am happy with it
  • Very good idea
  • Full of friendly support staff
  • Having more staff in the playground is better
  • Every teacher thanks and to the polite Headteacher I am really happy because of the progress the school is making
  • Appreciate the effort the school/ teachers is putting towards road safety that eventually leads to kids safety
  • The things that is making this school good is that the teachers help the students
  • The teachers are very good at teaching the children
  • A very good vision but be consistent
  • Sport staff are amazing
  • I like the help and support part of the vision. This is good
  • I think that it is a great idea and is a new unique vision
  • A very good vision. Good for the community
  • Good concept which will enable children to reach their potential whilst being supported by staff
  • Never give up!