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Target games


This is a really fun game that can either be played in the house or garden, you do not need any balls to play you can look for items around the house such as clean socks, rolls of toilet paper, balls of scrap paper. For your target you could use a bucket, wahing up bowl, waste paper bin, laundry basket.


I have also given a few ideas how to vary this. 


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Look for things around the house, make sure they are not going to damage anything.

Set up

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Start with the target about 2 metres (2 large steps) away from where you are throwing from.

To make this easier move closer to the target or make the target bigger

To make this harder move another step bac from the target or make the target smaller.

Hit the target

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Pick a number of iteams for example 5 and then try to get as many in as you can. Play with others in your house and make it a competition. Great for building throwing and aiming skills.

1 minutes

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Take one item how many times can you get it into the target in that minute - Working on you throwing and aiming skills plus make sure you are being active while you do this

Sit up and throw

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This is a little bit of fun with this game. Add a sit up in before I throw the item into the target.

Now see if you can come up with your own version of the game.