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Dear Big Ben Nursery children and your families,

It’s the last week of term but we feel sad that we never got to say goodbye to most of you and to celebrate your time in Big Ben Nursery. We watched you grow and learn. We got to know and love all of you but our time together ended far too soon.

We really have missed you all so much. Over the last few weeks, it was lovely to see some of you back in school or to speak to some of you or your parents on the telephone. Thank you to all of you who have sent emails, we have loved seeing all the lovely things you have been doing.

We have been talking to your new reception teachers about when you start school in September. They are all very excited to meet you all and I know you will have such a fantastic time in your new classes.


Thank you to all the parents for your help and support, you have been truly amazing.  


We wish you all a happy and safe summer. Keep those smiley smiles smiling!


Love from,

Your Big Ben Nursery Team.

Goodbye Big Ben Nursery

Goodbye Big Ben Nursery  1