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Code of Behaviour

The children at Spinney Hill Primary School are very well behaved. The school encourages an ethos of support and tolerance and we have a strong anti-bullying message. Please read our Behaviour Policy, Anti-Bullying Policy and Our Governing Body’s statement of principles.

At Spinney hill School Primary School we implement a positive behaviour strategy called Good to be Green.


Our beliefs:


  • We believe that children learn best when they know where they stand, when they feel safe and when they feel valued as members of the community.
  • Our systems of positive behaviour management and our school rules reflect our belief that everyone can make choices about their behaviour and that everyone can learn different ways of behaving.
  • We believe that children need praise and encouragement to succeed and we acknowledge and reward behaviour that reflects sensible choices and allows learning to take place.
  • We expect appropriate behaviour and reward good behaviour, which supports our belief that everyone is entitled to care, courtesy and consideration.
  • We challenge individuals who, by making poor behaviour choices, inhibit the well-being and learning of themselves and others.
  • We believe that everyone is accountable for the consequences of their choices.
  • We know that children are part of the wider community and trust that parents and carers will support our behaviour policy. We acknowledge the importance of their support and believe that we should all work together to ensure Spinney Hill Primary School is a safe and caring learning environment for everyone.


For more information read our policy below



Spinney Hill Primary School Behaviour Policy