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Looking After Children's Mental Well-Being

Wellbeing Award

In school we are working towards a Wellbeing Award.

The award will help us to improve how we support children and parents in understanding the importance of

well-being but also how to access support when needed.

This page contains all the work we are doing to achieve the award.


Our School Strategy

We have been developing a whole school strategy to develop wellbeing.

We have combined together two different approaches to developing wellbeing to make our own unique strategy.

Action For Happiness are an organisation that identifies 10 Keys to Happiness.

The ten keys represent the acronym GREAT DREAM.

The first five keys GREAT relate to how we interact with the outside world in our daily activities.  

The second five keys DREAM, come from inside us and how they depend on our attitude to life.

The second approach is based on some characters known as the Worry Woos.

Children need to be able to identify key emotions; to recognise the emotions they are feeling, to be able to articulate why they are feeling this emotion and most importantly identify strategies, including external support agencies which will help them to deal with differing emotions faced at different points in the daily life.


Children need a common language that it used and understood by all in school. Implementation of the Woo Woo characters enables children to have a hook through characters, stories and discussion to explore emotions



Children's Mental Health Week 2022

The theme this week is Growing Together. We have been talking about how we grow emotionally through our different experiences. We have thought about who is there to help us when we find something tough.


Home Work Challenge for Families


Watch the video.

Create your own ‘Support Balloons’ and consider the people in your lives who help them to grow – remember your helping hand.

Who might you turn to when things get tough or you need support? This might include your parent, carers, siblings, teachers, coaches etc.


Bring your completed support balloons back into school. Be creative as you want. You could even make a model?


Well-being Champions

In school we thought about small and big feelings, who can help us, how we might ask for help and how do we show we are listening.

Here is a copy of the videos we watched. 

Clink on the link below.

Let's Talk Mental Health


The children were asked to think whether they would like to apply for the job of a Wellbeing Champion School (it's not paid).

We talked about a job description. Children completed an application form.

We have chosen our Wellbeing Champions. Names and photographs will appear soon. 

Our first meeting will be about how children want information to be communicated in different ways.



Learnful School - new resource for children, parents and families

We are delighted in school to have implemented daily mindfulness for children and adults.

This will help  children and staff to notice and nurture their own well-being needs and 
empower them to take responsible actions to help themselves

Each week there is a video and task for parents to do at home together. Its a short video clip with an activity.

This will help you, your child or family if they feel  anxious, stressed and overwhelmed. You all will build and experience different self help strategies.

These are great skills for anyone to learn. Being able to recognise when you need help is important. Having self-help strategies to use makes things a lot easier and a great place to start when getting help for yourself.


You don't need a username or a password.

Just follow the link below and click on parent login.

You will see a video explaining the programme and then your weekly video will also be there. Click on the words below for the direct link to the parent login


Learnful Website

Do you fancy the challenge of kickstarting a healthier lifestyle within your family?

During this pandemic

One of the biggest worries as parent is how you look after your child's mental health, their well-being.

This is even harder at the moment during the coronavirus pandemic. Our biggest concern whilst school is closed, is how we can support children's childrens well-being.

Children might find it difficult to understand what they are seeing online or on TV – or hearing from other people – so they can be particularly vulnerable to feelings of worry.

Through support we can access in school, we have identified some fantastic resources from EPIC Well-being Services  

Read through the resources. If you would like support implementing the with child or have a question or worry, please email

Over time we develop further resources for this page.


We have been given free access to a children's book to explain loneliness. Loneliness is a very difficult emotion for children to understand at anytime. At the moment, missing friends and family, this is even tougher.



Download the book below in order to read it with your child. You don't need to print it.