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Attendance Matters

We need every child in school to be an Attendance Superhero.

If 100 children have at least one week off school for a holiday during term time, that means over  700 school days  lost. This has a serious impact on our school’s attendance figures. Improving attendance in school is as important as improving your child’s learning. If they are not in school then they are not learning.


Children can’t help being sick. Sometimes they have an illness that will require time off school and a visit to a doctor.

Taking regular one or two days off though soon adds up.

Sometimes our children have coughs or colds. They may not feel like their normal self but they are probably well enough for school. Children have to learn for adult life that we need to build our resilience to cope. If as adults we regularly took time off work for a cough or cold we wouldn’t have a job.


As parents we are asking you to stop and think before you allow your child to stay off school.

  • Are they well enough to attend school?
  • Is your child’s attendance already a concern?
  • Would it help if you dropped off paracetamol or medication for them during the school day? If so just sign the appropriate form in school.
  • Is there anything worrying your child at school or home?

Who could you speak to?

  • Class teacher
  • Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher or Assistant Headteachers
  • Family Support Worker – Leona Wallace
  • Attendance Admin Officer – Shazia Kapadia

Guidance on when your child should return to school following an illness