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Standing Long Jump

Not a lot of us have a mat at home with measurements like we do in school, however I believe we were all given a ruler to take home and help with our work. So get some items as marker (I used rolled up t-shirts, but socks would work, cans of food) and place these every 30 centimetres (the full length of the ruler) make sure you create a start line too. Once you have done this start with your toes behind the start line and jump as far as you can (make sure you do not put your hands behind you as the body part furthest back is where you measure). You can then use your 3 times table to work the the jump out e.g. if you jump 4 of your markers 4x3=12 and then add a 0 to complete the sum 120 centimetres or 1 metre 20 centimetres. 


Challenge brother and sisters, mums and dads to all have a go. 


You guys are all really sensible so don't make the same mistake that I made, if your glasses are not secure take them off before jumping. 

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