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26th March 2020


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Make sure you are kind to me this was my first attempted and it took me very much out of my comfort zone, but I think that it is good to laugh at yourself and try not to take this to seriously and have a bit of fun. We are experiancing a few technical problems with the video size being to big for the website hopefully we will get this sorted.

Have fun and work hard. This is just an idea for you to try at home, a couple of things to think about - music - pick 4 or 5 songs that will give a lttle boost they will also help you get through the time - Get other people in the house to do it too, working in groups always motivate.

Skipping, Mountain Climbers and High Knees

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Remember go for as long as you can, I did 5 of each exercises (you will just have to take my word for it as I can't upload the whole video). Drink plenty of water and see if you can change the exercise to make it more fun.

After you've finished

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Think about how you feel after the workout - Physical and Emotionally, can you pick an emoji that sums up how it made you feel?

Drink plenty of water for your recovery and think about what you might do tomorrow.

It might be good to keep a diary and track your activity. What you did / How long / How it made you feel