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Medical Needs

At Spinney Hill Primary School, we support pupils with medical conditions, including asthma, eczema, nut allergies or other allergies that may potentially lead to anaphylaxis, diabetes, kidney transplants, gastric feeds, haemophilia, thallasaemia, epilepsy, incontinence and a number of other conditions, including mental health concerns.

We have staff who are specially trained in First Aid and in supporting pupils with ongoing medical conditions. We are also well supported by our Public Health Nurse (School Nurse) and referrals can be made through the school for advice, although you should always contact your child's GP in the first instance if you have medical concerns.

We can also support pupils with intimate care, particularly where it relates to a medical condition or other diagnosis.


If your child requires an asthma inhaler, epipen or other medicine on a regular basis, you should contact the school office in the first instance. The school has a spare asthma inhaler and two spare auto-injectors kept securely in our school office for use in emergencies.


If you have concerns about your child's health or they have an identified need and would like further advice about how we can support your child's health needs in school, please contact the school on 0116 2737047 and ask to speak to Mr Ranzetta (Assistant Head for Inclusion).

Alternatively, you can email and mark your email FAO Mr Ranzetta


If your child requires a specific diet owing to a medical need and you would like them to have a school dinner, we can ask the caterers to provide specially prepared meals. Please contact the school office and ask to speak to Mr Ranzetta in the first instance.