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Improving our School Grounds


Pupils have been very active in improving the look of the school and have started a Garden Club to keep it looking nice all year round.


Sport England Bid


Our pupils were successful in helping to put together a bid for a grant from Sport England for a basketball area and a football area for our school grounds. We are looking forward to seeing this work completed in the summer.


Our pupil voice asked other pupils what they wanted for outside areas. Here are some of the features that our pupils asked for as part of the bid:


'Astroturf so when we enter competitions, we have more experience on astroturf'


'We would like goals so we don't have to smash walls when we score goals'

(Hamzah, Year 6)


'We would like an area for clubs to practise and play football, basketball or athletics'


'We would like a caged-n area so children don't keep running through and causing injuries'


'We want more activity areas so we can fully prepare for competitions'


'Change the concrete into astroturf because people are grazing their knees'


'To have a football pitch as a special facility for competitions'

(Easaa , Year 5)


'To have a space to improve our PE skills'


'In my opinion, we should have a softer ground outside as when we fall down, we can hurt ourselves on the concrete'

(Easaa, Year 6)


Please follow the download links below to see how we are spending the award.