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Learn to code at home with the BBC micro:bit


Easy-to-follow 15 minute activities

Over the next few months we’re offering short easy-to-follow activities for parents and children at home. They'll cover personal expression, family-time, well-being, fitness, playful projects and much more.


Get your micro:bit at home

We are a UK-based global not-for-profit educational foundation. If you feel you're able to afford a micro:bit, you can buy one from one of our many resellers.

We also have 5,000 micro:bits to give-away for free. These devices were to be donated for use in UK extra-curricular clubs but the Covid-19 pandemic has meant this can’t happen right now. So that we can get them into children’s hands we’d like to make them available direct to families, one per household, on a first-come first-served basis. Click on the link below to register.