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Starting Reception

Welcome to Reception

Dear Parent/Carer


We are delighted to welcome you to Spinney Hill Primary school. Whether your child is a familiar face from our  Nursery or new to our school, we extend a very warm welcome to you and hope that your journey with us in Reception will be truly a memorable one.


We want you and your child to feel happy and relaxed about starting in Reception and we understand that you may feel worried. Over the next coming weeks we will work together towards making transition as smooth and as enjoyable as possible. You will get to know our Reception team through our website and we will be available to help and support you in any way that we can.


In Reception your child will be in one of three classes and working with the following adults. 


Julia Donaldson Class (Mrs Patel, Mrs Kharodia and Mrs Kam) 

Beatrix Potter Class (Mrs Shaikh, Mrs Khan and Mrs King)

Jill Murphy Class (Mrs Parmar Gosal and Mrs Kaur)



Please use our website to find out more about Reception, we will provide you with all the information that you need before beginning school. We will be glad to answer any questions  on



We are looking forward to meeting you all.


The Early Years Reception Team