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Inspire - The Curriculum at Spinney Hill Primary School

An Introduction to Our Curriculum

Spinney Hill Primary School and Our Children

The children who attend Spinney Hill Primary grow up in a community and city that are constantly changing and characterised by the plurality of nationalities, cultures and religions represented within them, and languages spoken. They also grow up against a wider backdrop of both huge social and technological change, and wider political and environmental issues, all of which will have a considerable, if not direct, impact on their future lives. We know that the children who attend our school must be equipped with the breadth and depth of knowledge which will allow them to develop, apply and refine the academic and social skills needed to both navigate their way successfully and safely throughout each step of the primary education and beyond, and which will enable them to question and think critically when faced with change or challenges. This we know will enable them to make informed and reasoned choices and decisions, taking full advantage of the new and amazing opportunities the future will bring whilst contributing to both the communities in which they live and work, and the wider global community through an understanding of environmental sustainability.


As a school community and informed by our school vision and values, we have identified five curriculum drivers which we know are fundamental to our children’s current and future success, and these lay the foundations for our curriculum.

Inspire - Our Curriculum Drivers

Inspire - The Curriculum Subject by Subject