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EYFS 'Stepping Stones' to Key Stage 1 and the Key Stage 1 and 2 Music Curriculum Milestones

Music EYFS Stepping Stones to Key Stage 1

Our EYFS stepping stones provide clear endpoints for learning in our nursery and reception classes and are based on the 2020 Development Matters and Early Learning Goals (referred to at the bottom of each document). They also provide the starting points for children as they enter Key Stage 1 and provide the year 1 and 2 teams with an overview of the prerequisite knowledge, skills, understanding and experiences that children must have before they start working on our national curriculum based milestones. The stepping stones are referred to as teachers plan to ensure that new learning builds on what children already know and in order that gaps can be filled.  

Key Stage 1 and 2 Music Curriculum Milestones