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Cyber Bullying

What is Cyber Bullying?


Cyber bullying is an increasing common kind of bullying which happens on social networks, games and mobile phones.


Children may know who is bullying them on line or they may be picked on by someone using a fake or anonymous account.


The NSPCC has a lot of detailed information about different types of abuse on line.

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Cyber bullying includes:

  • sending threatening or abusive text messaging
  • creating and sharing embarassing images or videos
  • trolling - sending upsetting messages on social networks, chat rooms or on line games
  • excluding children from on line games, activities or from friendship groups
  • setting up hate sites about a child
  • encouraging someone to self harm
  • creating false accounts, hijacking or stealing someone's on line identify to embarrass them
  • sending explicit messages known as sexting
  • pressure children to send sex images or have a sexual conversation

Facts about cyber bullying and on line abuse from the NSPCC